Airshow Photo Gallery by Robert Stetter

40th Anniversary of Fighter Wing JG 74 "Mölders"
Neuburg a.d. Donau, Germany
July 21 , 2001

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F-4F Phantom with 
'40th Anniversary' painting.
F-4F Phantom with 
'40th Anniversary' painting.
Tornado pulling hard
and producing a lot of vapor over the wings
F-4F Phantom with 
'40th Anniversary' painting.
F-4F Phantom with 
'40th Anniversary' painting.
Tornado covered in a cloud of vapor
This clearly shows why it's nickname is
F-4F Phantom with 
'40th Anniversary' painting.
of the German Navy
F-4F Phantom with 
'40th Anniversary' painting
during take-off.
Tornado crew with the new special helmets of the German Airforce :-)
of the German Airforce
on it's way to the runway
F-4F Phantom with 
'40th Anniversary' painting.
Tornado with full afterburner
during take-off
Hispano Ha-200
from the Willi-Messerschmitt
foundation at Manching

Bonus picture:

Spotter-mania during the fly-in on Friday. Even in the early morning a large group of spotters was waiting next to the airfield fence for the arrival of the international guests.

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Info Box
To celebrate it's 40th anniversary the Fighter Wing JG 74 "Mölders" located at Neuburg a. d. Donau opened it's gates for an impressing airshow. Approx. 120.000 spectators followed this invitation and had the chance to see various aircraft of the German Airforce and of the guests from foreign airforces both on the ground and in the air.

The Fighter Wing JG 74 started it's duty on the 5th of may 1961. At that time the North American F-86K was used by the fighter wing, just 4 years later in 1964 they changed to the Lockheed F-104G Starfighter. In the year 1974 the weapon system McDonnell Douglas F-4F Phantom II was introduced to the fighter wing and is still in use. The next change to a new fighter will be in 2005, when the Eurofighter is beeing introduced.

Despite the many interesting aircraft shown on this day the "40th anniversary" F-4F Phantom painted in the bavarian colors white and blue, was the star of the event. The opening of the flying display with the "Löwenbräu"-Phantom, as it's nicknamed, was the first big highlight of the day.
Only two of the guests from foreign airforces could be seen in the air, like the Spanish Mirage F-1 and the Austrian Saab 35 "Draken". All of us who wanted to see the other guests like a F-16 from Norway, a Mirage 2000 from France, a AMX from Italy or a F-15 from the USAF in the air, gathered at the fence of the Airbase on friday.

I'd like to thank the officials at the Fighter Wing JG 74 for organizing a "Spotter-Tour" to the airbase on friday afternoon, that gave us the chance to take many pictures of the static display without a hurry. This tour was perfectly organized and gave us also the chance to see some training flights for the flying display on saturday.

Last but not least the weather. It wasn't the perfect weather for these two days with dark clouds on friday and a cloudy saturday morning. Only saturday afternoon presented itself with a beautiful bavarian white and blue sky.

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