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Tiger Special
First Flight 1st UHT Tiger at Eurocopter
Donauwörth, Germany
August 09, 2002

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Eurocopter Tiger UHT starting its engines in front of the company members
Eurocopter Tiger UHT
lifting off for its first flight
Eurocopter Tiger UHT
Eurocopter Tiger UHT
Eurocopter Tiger UHT
Eurocopter Tiger UHT
completing its
first turn around the airfield
Eurocopter Tiger UHT
looking very mean
in the back light
Eurocopter Tiger UHT
passing by
very close
Eurocopter Tiger UHT
Eurocopter Tiger UHT
again very
close and impressing
Eurocopter Tiger UHT
This is one
of my favorites
Eurocopter Tiger UHT
pulling up
Eurocopter Tiger UHT
It's not a looping!
This one was taken from underneath, while the helicopter was going vertical
No, it's not a Tiger !
Sikorsky CH-53G
on a maintenance check flight
Sikorsky CH-53G
with a spectacular
view while passing by

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Info Box
August 9, 2002

Six months after the official Roll-Out ceremony the first serial-built UHT Tiger (S01) lifted off for its official first flight. Chief test pilot Andrew Warner together with flighttest engineer Manfred Kaminski were on the controls for this short but impressing flight. As exspected this flight demonstration didn't show any extreme manouvers like the famous "Tiger Loop" or a roll. The flight envelope will be opened after flight testing the helicopter.

This first serial-built Tiger will be delivered in december 2002 to the German "Heeresflieger" (Army Flying Corps) at Bückeburg. After the pilot training, from 2004 on, the first 48 attack helicopters will be stationed at Fritzlar and Roth.

The beautiful weather on this day (nothing like the bad conditions during the Roll-Out in March) allowed some spectacular pictures of this fantastic helicopter.


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