Airshow Photo Gallery by Robert Stetter

Photoday at the Fighter Wing
JG 74 "Mölders"
Neuburg a.d. Donau, Germany
August 14, 2002

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F-4F Phantom standing at the 'last chance' point, waiting for the final pre-flight check
Pilot in his F-4F Phantom at the 'last chance' point
F-4F Phantom
Close-up of the F-4F Phantom.
A row of F-4F Phantom at the 'last chance' point.
The ground crew is performing the pre-flight check.
The cockpit is closed, everything ready to go.
F-4F Phantom leaving the 'last chance' point and heading for take-off.
Cleared for take-off. F-4F Phantom with afterburner.
F-4F Phantom with afterburner.
F-4F Phantom just off the runway.
This is a spectacular shot. F-4F Phantom shortly after take-off, viewed from the tower.
F-4F Phantom shortly after take-off. The undercarriage is almost retracted
F-4F Phantom climbing with full afterburner.
Again another spectacular shot.
F-4F Phantom on a low fly-past after its mission.
F-4F Phantom passing by.
F-4F Phantom breaking to the left to prepare its landing sequence

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Info Box
The fighter wing JG 74 "Mölders" was put in service in the year 1961. At that time the fighter wing was equipped with the North American F-86K. In the year 1964 this type of aircraft was replaced by the F-104G Starfighter. Again 10 years later another change to a new type of aircraft took place with the introduction of the F-4F Phantom II, which is still in service at the fighter wing JG 74 "Mölders". The next milestone for the fighter wing will be the introduction of the European next generation fighter, the Eurofighter, which is expected for the year 2005. The Eurofighter will then replace the ageing F-4F Phantoms.

The Bavarian city of "Neuburg a.d. Donau" is the home of the fighter wing JG 74 "Mölders". The fighter wing is part of the NATO "Crisis Reaction Forces". Two F-4F Phantom are ready for operation 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. These QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) aircraft must be ready for take-off within 15 minutes after the alarm. The high level of the fighter wings operational readiness is proven by their short reaction times, mostly far below these 15 minutes.

The fighter wing JG 74 "Mölders" comprises two flying squadrons. The 1. squadron is called "The Falcons", while the 2. squadron was given the name "Viva Zapata" after the mexican revolutionary "Emiliano Zapata".


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